The Robot Wars House Robots ranked from best to worst

The Robot Wars House Robots ranked from best to worst

As you may have heard the classic TV show Robot Wars is being rebooted by the BBC and will be airing a new series of six episodes on BBC 2 later in 2016.

If you haven't already, you can read the announcement of the new series to find out everything we know about it so far.

Of course, one of the most iconic features of the original series of Robot Wars was the House Robots, which were designed and put together by the BBC Visual Effects Department.

They gave each of the House Robots distinctive and unique look, to set them apart from the more basic 'metal box on wheels' model that most of the competing robots were expected to follow. This resulted in some very destructive but at the same time brilliant looking robots - so to a certain extent all the House Robots featured on Robot Wars were awesome - but as you'll see below we think some were just a little more awesome than others.

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Robot Wars: The Brand New Series [Blu-Ray & DVD]

1. Sir Killalot

Sir Killalot

Sir Killalot, armed with a drill/lance and crushing pincers

Often referred to as the 'Daddy of the House Robots' by Robot Wars' commentator Jonathan Pearce, Sir Killalot remained the show's most awesome creation even after the introduction of the significantly larger Mr Psycho in Series 6.

This was partly thanks to Killalot's more devastating weaponry. While his drill/lance may have been rendered less effective from the Fourth Wars onwards as competing robots became better armoured, the hugely powerful hydraulic pincers continued to receive upgrades and remained a weapon to be feared throughout the show's run.

2. Dead Metal

Dead Metal

Dead Metal, armed with grabbing pincers and a powerful circular saw

Before the robots became more flashy and sophisticated as the technology improved, Robot Wars was originally all about putting together machines from piles of scrap, and Dead Metal was the House Robot that epitomised this concept best.

Looking like a collection of metal pipes that had been somehow forged together, it also had the extremely effective weapon combination of pincers and a deadly circular saw.

Dead Metal was probably the House Robot that changed the most over the early years of the show, and by Series 3 numerous upgrades to the saw had increased its power and effectiveness to such an extent that was able to slice through the armour of almost all the competitor robots with ease.

3. Matilda


Matilda, armed with flipping tusks and vertically mounted spinning flywheel

One of the original four House Robots introduced, by the time the 4th series of Robot Wars came around Matilda had become a bit of a pushover.

Her original petrol driven chainsaw could no longer cause any significant damage to any of the competitor robots, and she was easily and regularly flipped over.

For the 5th series, Matilda was completely rebuilt to incorporate more powerful flipping tusks and a deadly vertically mounted spinning flywheel to replace her chainsaw tail.

Thanks to these improvements, she went from being one of the least threatening House Robots to one of the most devastating.

4. Sgt Bash

Sgt Bash

Sgt Bash, armed with hydraulic crushing pincers and powerful flamethrower

From the very first series, Sgt Bash had the unique selling point of being the only robot on Robot Wars to be equipped with a flamethrower.

Although also armed with hydraulic crushing pincers it was usually the flamethrower that provided the most memorable Bash moments, usually involving competitor robots covered in fur or other flammable materials.

One of Sgt Bash's less impressive (although equally memorable) moments came in the Flipper Frenzy battle during the first series of Robot Wars: Extreme when three out of the four competitor robots, all armed with high powered flippers, decided to try and flip Bash out of the arena instead of taking on each other.

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Robot Wars: The Brand New Series [Blu-Ray & DVD]

Robot Wars: The Brand New Series [Blu-Ray & DVD]

5. Shunt


Shunt, armed with pneumatic axe and lifting scoop

Shunt was another of the original four House Robots to be introduced, and like Dead Metal it took until around Series 3 before he really came into his own.

Originally conceived as bulldozer style pushing robot, a pneumatic axe was added at the last minute before filming began. Over the course of the first three series of the show, the axe was steadily upgraded and became Shunt's primary means of attack.

Weighing in at just 105kg, Shunt was the lightest of the House Robots which meant in later wars he frequently became the target of attacks from competitor robots, particularly those armed with high powered flippers.

6. Grower


Growler, armed with crushing jaws and (briefly) a rear mount flamethrower

Introduced during Series 6, Growler marked a departure from the traditional House Robot formula. The previous machines were mostly two wheel drive and had relatively slow top speeds, with the primary focus being on their weaponry. Growler was incredibly fast and powerful, thanks in part to a four wheel drive system that gave it much better grip and traction on the arena floor.

Sometimes however, Growler was just too fast for his own good and on several occasions damaged the arena walls by crashing into them at high speed. The addition of a rear mounted flamethrower during Robot Wars: Extreme Series 2 would have perhaps bumped Growler up this list a bit - had it been used more than a couple of times before never being seen again.

7. Mr Psycho

Mr Psycho

Mr Psycho - armed with a huge 30kg hammer and grabbing claw

Introduced alongside Growler during the 6th series of Robot Wars, Mr Psycho was the largest House Robot the show ever produced, surpassing even Sir Killalot. With a massive grabbing claw and whopping 30kg hammer, he also had some of the most powerful weapons.

Despite this, he never really came across as being as threatening as Killalot. The claw and hammer were more clumsy than the more precise lance and cutting pincers in Killalot's armoury.

Mr Psycho was also somewhat top heavy, and even being the heaviest robot on the show couldn't stop him from toppling over when he became unbalanced after driving up onto the top of Firestorm's wedge during the second series of Robot Wars: Extreme.

8. Cassius Chrome

Cassius Chrome

Cassius Chrome - armed with high speed motorised boxing fists

The final House Robot to be introduced during Robot Wars' original run, Cassius Chrome was more lightweight than Mr Psycho and Growler. It was fast and manoeuvrable however it's weapons - two motorised fast action punching fists with spikes on the end - never really did a great deal of damage.

As a result of its late introduction into the series we never really got to see Cassius Chrome's full potential, and therefore it is perhaps unfairly underrated. Like the other House Robots, had Robot Wars continued it would likely have seen improvements made to address some of the issues.

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Robot Wars: The Brand New Series [Blu-Ray & DVD]

Robot Wars: The Brand New Series [Blu-Ray & DVD]

Honourable Mention: Refbot

Refbot hasn't been forgotten, however because he wasn't designed for the same purpose as the other House Robots we've not included him on the main list. Rather than causing damage, Refbot's job was to count out immobilised competitors, free stuck robots from the arena wall and put out fires with his built in extinguisher.

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