BattleBots season 2 premiere date revealed

BattleBots season 2 premiere date revealed

Following a successful reboot in 2015, US robot combat series BattleBots was renewed for a second season. Now the premier date for that season has also been revealed.

BattleBots season 2 will air from June 23rd 2016 on ABC. Global rights to broadcast the rebooted show outside the US were also recently acquired by Sky Vision, so viewers in other territories will also hopefully be able to watch the action soon after its US broadcast.

UK-based Sky also acquired the format rights to the show, and the BattleBox arena set used for the US series has been made available for other broadcasters to use. This could mean localised versions of the show start popping up around the world very soon.

Filming for BattleBots season 2 (or season 7, if you count the original Comedy Central series) is currently underway at LA Hangar Studios in California.

The original series of BattleBots aired 5 seasons between 2000 and 2002 on cable network Comedy Central. It was cancelled in 2002 after the network decided it no longer fitted in with the direction they wanted the channel to take. After more than 12 years off the air, BattleBots was picked up for a new season of 6 episodes which premiered on Disney's ABC in Summer 2015.