About Us

Hello and welcome to Stuffthatinterests.me! Founded in 2015, we're an online blog primarily focused on writing about technology, although we cover a wide variety of topics that are popular with our audience.

Unlike many other technology blogs which report on anything and everything, the topics we cover and the articles we write are carefully chosen so that we only put out content that is of genuine value to the majority of our readers.

This means you won't see us reporting on any of the dozen or so dubious rumours about the next iPhone that seem to appear every day, as we'd much rather be writing about things that actually matter.

Naturally, if you'd like a heads-up as soon as we publish new content then you can follow us on Twitter: @stuffthatintsme or like us on Facebook.

Our Staff

We're a small UK-based team of volunteers, operating out of Hampshire in the South of England.

Michael Jones - Editor

Michael is our editor and head writer, and is responsible for the majority of the content you'll read on the site. He developed an interest in computers at a young age, and until recently worked at a successful mobile games developer before leaving to become a freelance technology journalist.

Kate McDonald - Writer

Kate is a freelance digital designer and Michael's long-time partner. Her primary interests are TV shows and films, and so naturally she is a huge fan of Netflix.

Mike Watkins - Web Admin

Mike is a developer at a Hampshire web agency, and is responsible for keeping the Stuffthatinterests.me site online. When he's not making websites, he's usually busy playing video games or attempting to catch up on a rather large Netflix backlog.

Guest Contributions

We welcome contributions from guest writers. Please bear in mind however that this site is run by volunteers and operates on very low budget, so we are not currently able to offer any form of payment.

We sincerely hope that as the site grows this will change in the future. If you're interested in writing for us, please Contact Us